How We Organize APIs

Clarity Grid’s APIs are organized into four distinct groups: 

API Group Description
Tariff Our platform allows you to identify Utilities and other LSEs based on their operating territories, tariffs, and customer charging methods. Additionally, you can retrieve other valuable information such as location by zip code matching to utility, as well as residential, commercial, and industrial tariffs. 
Bill Calculations Our rate engine enables swift and accurate cost calculations for various scenarios such as bill calculations, adding usage, and breaking down bills into monthly costs, distribution, demand, and energy. 
Analytics Once an estimated current Monthly Bill is created, it may be compared to alternatives such as: Index (Wholesale), Alternative Tariff, Battery, or Solar  implementation.
Nodal Our Nodal platform identifies the location and pricing associated with the nodal points published by the 7 US ISOs.  This data is also matched with associated pricing series designated by the ISOs so as to allow wholesale economics to be performed at virtually any geographic point within an ISO territory.

Thank you for your interest in using Clarity Grid’s APIs for building your energy apps and products.