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Who We Are - A New Type of Energy Company

Clarity Grid Solutions Employees and Advisors represent a team with decades of experience in the energy field. This experience combined with the evolution of the electric grid and advances in technology has allowed us to create a dynamic platform poised to serve a broad range of industry participants: from the most sophisticated market participant to the smallest residential consumer.

What We Provide - Intelligence through Data & Analytics

As the physical infrastructure of the electric grid evolves, the key driver of the value creation going forward will be infusing the Grid with intelligence through data analytics and seamless execution capabilities in order to deliver on the promise of the Smart Grid.

Most consumers of electricity in the US give no thought to the construction of the Electric Grid and its associated costs. In fact, the complexities of alternative regulatory pricing structures, grid operations, and varying competitive market structures have historically made any type of cost comparison difficult, if not impossible, to understand.

Clarity has, for the first time and on an open access basis, combined the vast amount of data necessary to give key insights on the operation of the Electric Grid and its associated costs in a standardized format across the US. Our analytics layer helps you make sense of the vast amounts of disparate data and gain value from those key insights.

Clarity has for the first time developed a map-based open access platform enabling all users complete visibility of the Electric Grid coupled with mission-critical data and analytics engines to deliver actionable solutions to decision makers across the Grid.

Clarity has aggregated a vast amount of data:

  1. Wholesale prices (including ancillary and capacity costs) at 60,000+ nodal locations at latitude/longitude level detail and associated zonal/index/HUBs for both generation and load using standardized coding formats for ease of reference
  2. Tariffs for over 1,800 Distribution Utilities and 8,500 individual tariffs for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers incorporating all billing components, e.g., distribution, demand, and energy
  3. Simulated load profiles for over 100 unique locations for both residential and commercial model facilities

Through this visualization process Clarity presents the information necessary to: operate more efficiently, manage energy costs more effectively, and even promote a cleaner Grid.

Visualization of data

Who We Serve

Clarity provides information and solutions across the spectrum from the most sophisticated market participant to the smallest residential consumer.

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End Users

Grid Stakeholders

Types of customers for whom these sets of services may interest include:

  • Power Trading\Procurement
  • Traditional Generation Operators
  • Renewables Development
  • Battery/Solar Merchants
  • Wind/Solar Development
  • Transmission\Distribution Operators
  • Government\Regulatory
  • Research
  • ISO/RTOs
  • Macro Trading
  • Smart Grid Software Development
  • DERMs Companies
  • Demand Response Facilitators

Clarity aggregates data relating to over 60,000 nodal, index, and Hub prices for both generation and load, employing a map interface to graphically describe each:

  • Generation/Substation Name
  • Address
  • Transmission/Distribution Utility
  • ISO (Independent System Operator) Territory

Subscription Plans

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See our pricing plans for full access to Clarity Grid's features and data:

  • - Next Day Wholesale Prices
  • - Retail Tariffs
  • - Simulated or Actual Load Profiles

Data aggregated at most granular levels in the three key areas: wholesale energy, tariffs, and consumption profiles combined with analytics to provide key insights into the market.

Open Access (Free) and Subscription Formats Available with Registration

Available in our Commercial Portal using standardized price coding in GIS and Price Chart formats and in a limited download.

  • Historical 12-month Average Next Day
  • Real Time
  • Next Day Pricing
  • Tariffs
  • Load Profiles

Available via request and API use fee basis:

  • Customized Query
  • Sorting and Analytics Capability


End Users

End Users

Most consumers of electricity in the US are unaware of the wholesale markets operated by the Independent System Operators (ISO’s) over most of the US and how they may benefit. Clarity has for the first time integrated this vast amount of wholesale pricing data with its comprehensive tariff and load profile libraries. Combined with Clarity’s Pricing Analytics tools, this allows any End User in the US of any type (Residential/Commercial/Industrial) through only an address and zip code to identify potential energy savings in either de-regulated or regulated electric states, using either actual or simulated electric consumption.

End User Data Analysis

Savings In Your Region

Clarity’s Price Comparison tool allows any End User of any type to identify themselves by only address and zip code to their appropriate tariff and wholesale pricing index in both de-regulated markets or regulated electric states, using either your actual or simulated electric consumption.

Register today and compare wholesale prices with your current pricing.

Clarity can help you reduce and manage your energy costs by:

  • Comparing your energy costs to wholesale purchases
  • Identifying periods and costs of peak usage
  • Making you aware of alternative tariffs to reduce delivery costs.


Who can benefit from Clarity’s Toolkit?

  • Residential End Users
  • Commercial End Users
  • Industrial End Users
  • Energy Consultants
  • Distribution Utilities
  • Property Managers
  • Regulators\Government

Users identify themselves by address and zip code to their appropriate tariff and wholesale pricing index in both regulated and de-regulated markets.

Clarity’s basic analytics allow current electric monthly bills to be benchmarked against the appropriate standardized index price in most of the US with associated cost savings derived from tariff and wholesale price transparency.

Clarity toolkit allows you to:

  • Get Accurate Price Comparisons based on Actual or Simulated Usage Data
  • Compare your current monthly costs to alternative tariff offerings
  • Compare energy costs against alternative wholesale indices (nodal index, hub)

About Clarity Grid Solutions

Clarity Grid Solutions, Inc. (“Clarity”) is a new type of Energy Company!

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Clarity Grid Solutions - Why We Started

The Electric Grid is a changing. As the physical construction of the Grid has matured, the evolution of Smart Meters, Smart Thermostats, Solar, Wind, and Distributed Generation at the edge of the Grid have, and will increasingly, drive the evolution of the electric industry.

While the wholesale markets administered through the ISOs have become more efficient and comprehensive, the benefits of the Grid to the ordinary End User have been difficult to understand. Through technology, data, and analytics the true benefits of the wholesale markets can be translated across the spectrum from the most sophisticated industry participant to the smallest residential consumer. Visualization of the Grid using Clarity’s map-based technologies for the first time allows users to identify with specific geographic areas of the Grid and benefit from associated meta data such as: anchor customers, adjacent traditional or renewable generation, facility ownership, etc.

The delivery of this information in standardized formats across the US coupled with advanced analytics allows energy consumers and the Grid Stakeholders who serve them to create actionable solutions. Through this visualization process Clarity presents the information to; reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and even promote a Cleaner Grid.

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