What We Do

Clarity Grid reduces the time, hassle and expense of in-house energy pricing research by giving you comprehensive, up-to-date wholesale and retail electricity prices for any location on the U.S. power grid.


Whether your goal is finding the best tariff rate for a customer or choosing the most advantageous location to build a solar facility, you need fast, easy access to accurate pricing data to start the analysis. Clarity Grid gives you clear, concise data—all in one place.

All the energy data you need, delivered to your desktop or API, to allow your Team to focus on what you do best.

Quickly Find Electricity Prices, Tariffs for Any Location

The Clarity Grid platform continually provides updated prices (wholesale, retail, nodal, tariffs) for assured price accuracy. But that’s not all. The Clarity Grid platform converts pricing data into a standardized easy-to-find, easy-to-read format so you can make price comparisons and generate accurate decisions much more quickly.

Clarity Grid Makes Finding The Economics of Electricity Easy

You Choose How You Want the Data

  • GIS – click locations on the U.S. map to see pricing details.

  • Import the pricing data into your IT system using our API.

The problem most people face when evaluating economics of electricity is the lack of conformity with the data across the lower 48 United States.  What is a tariff?  What are all the charges and what is their meaning?  Who is responsible for wholesale prices and associated costs? Who is responsible for retail prices?

These questions often result in different answers across the U.S. power grid.

Some states have 100 or more utilities, each with its own tariffs and energy charges. Tariffs are multiple pages long and it’s hard to determine what the bottom-line cost is.  

Clarity Grid Resolves this Confusion

We have already captured and clarified this diverse data and conformed it into a uniform format. You can quickly generate a wholesale and retail pricing summary for any location on the grid. We give you the prices so you can analyze the “what ifs.” Use Clarity Grid to see your power bill if you change tariffs, if you move to fixed pricing, if you add battery storage or if you just want to compare energy costs at different locations.