Clarity Grid Solutions’ recently introduced MVa Reporting Series provides highly accurate estimates of hourly power flow through each of ERCOT’s 4,611 Substations.  Employing official ERCOT data, Clarity calculates the “Apparent Power” in MVa terms which can be directly compared to public “Stated MVa” capacities for Substations potentially available for interconnection of new Generation or Storage projects.  For developers, this can short circuit the time consuming and costly process of pursuing interconnection at points on the grid already congested, requiring costly upgrades to either transmission, distribution, or substation infrastructure. This series can also be useful in identifying available capacity to interconnect large new loads such as bitcoin mining or green hydrogen facilities.  All data is updated immediately upon availability, with reporting lag no greater than two days. Clarity maintains and updates continually a library of over 75,000 Price Nodes with identifying locations and metadata for all 7 US ISOs.