Distributor Zip Code Schema

NameData TypeDescription
zipcodeStringSelected zip code
city_nameStringName of the city that the zip code is in
state_codeStringState code that the city and zip code are in
latitudeFloatLatitude of the zip code
longitudeFloatLongitude of the zip code
distibutorsCollectionCollection of distributors for the selected zip code
idIntegerInternal id of the distributor
nameStringCommon name of the distributor
operator_idIntegerInternal id of the operator that the distributor belongs to
tariffsCollectionCollection of tariffs that belong to the distributor
nameStringCommon name of the tariff
idIntegerInternal id of the tariff
notesStringNotes about the tariff provided by the distributor
  "zipcode": "77469",
  "city_name": "Richmond",
  "state_code": "TX",
  "latitude": 29.584172,
  "longitude": -95.747,
  "distributors": [
      "id": 1351,
      "name": "CenterPoint Energy",
      "operator_id": 7,
      "tariffs": [
          "consumption_id": 2,
          "consumption_name": "Commercial",
          "name": "C-Primary (IDR)",
          "id": 10235,
          "notes": "This schedule is available to Retail Customers requesting Delivery Service for nonResidential Purposes at Primary Distribution Voltage levels when such Delivery Service is to one Point of Delivery and measured through one Meter; except that, at Companys option, locations where the Retail Customers Electrical Installation or Premises has multiple connections to Companys Delivery System, due to Company facility limitations or design criteria, may be considered one Point of Delivery for billing purposes; and provided, however, that Delivery Service under this schedule is available only to Retail Customers able to take Delivery Service directly from feeder lines of at least 12,470 volts but less than 60,000 volts."

rev 1.0 2023-02-13