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Clarity Grid aggregated a vast amount of data:

  • Wholesale prices (including ancillary and capacity costs) at 60,000+ nodal locations at latitude/longitude level detail and associated zonal/index/HUBs for both generation and load using standardized coding formats for ease of reference.
  • Tariffs for over 1,800 Distribution Utilities and 8,500 individual tariffs for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers incorporating all billing components, e.g., distribution, demand, and energy.
  • Simulated load profiles for over 100 unique locations for both residential and commercial model facilities.

Data aggregated at most granular levels in the three key areas: wholesale energy, tariffs, and consumption profiles combined with analytics to provide key insights into the market.

Clarity Grid also captured:

  • Generation/Substation Name
  • Address
  • Transmission/Distribution Utility
  • Independent System Operator (ISO) Territory
  • Generation Node Capacity, Owner, and Fuel Type
  • Load Node Utility, Utility EIA ID, Capacity, and Primary Customer
  • Historical 12-month Average Next Day Price
  • Real Time Price
  • Next Day Price

Bring the power of the Clarity Grid Toolkit to your systems with the Clarity Grid API.