Energy costs are declining. Help your customers take advantage of the savings.

Use the Clarity Toolkit available online in Clarity Grid Web to synthesize your customer’s electricity price:

  • Upload your customer’s usage or use a simulated load profile.
  • Customize the tariff details for your customer.
  • Compare index-based and fixed-price-based bills side-by-side.
  • Download the comparison to share with your customer
  • Save the address to quickly re-run the comparison later

Clarity Grid’s map-based interface selects the wholesale pricing point (substation) and its index closest to your customer’s address. Combined with the appropriate tariff, you have immediate visibility to the wholesale and retail cost factors affecting your customer’s bill.

Real-time, Dayahead, Node, Index Electricity Prices

Bring the Toolkit functionality to your existing system with the Clarity Grid API. Contact Clarity Grid at for integration and technical details